This is a sampling of the types of copy I’ve written. While it’s just a small number of the projects I’ve completed, it gives you an idea of what my writing is like.

I do specialize in the coffee niche, but also work in other niches. I also build my own information products and I am a publisher. I come with years of unique working knowledge in the writing field.

The following pieces are ones I have permissions to use.

Landing Pages

Here are various landing pages for you to check out, by me. I love writing landing pages.

The first is a B2B sales page rewrite I did on spec. One of the shorter sales pages I’ve worked in.


The second is the landing page where people signed up for my Successful Church Secretary newsletter.


The third is the landing page where people clicked to purchase my Church Newsletter Toolkit, which was very successful for me.


The fourth is for an instructional book for writers I put together for my affiliate sales.


In addition, here is an example of a thankyou page for signing up for the newsletter.


Email Writing

I’m showcasing here samples of emails I used for my Successful Church Secretary email newsletter.

The first is the welcome email, which they received after they signed up for the newsletter.


The second is one of the main monthly newsletters. There were shorter, weekly broadcasts too used in the series.


Direct Mail Letters

Here are two examples of Direct Mail letters. One is for a restaurant in a small town, the other is a successful letter I used to mail to churches for a product I created.

itsdelicioussalesletter (easily converted to online landing page too)



Here are a few bonus reports I created for websites.