B2B Copywriting with Diana Cacy

Did you know that 95% of business buyers search the web before contacting any vendors?

Of course you do. That’s why you’re here researching my copywriting services.

In B2B, the specialty I offer the most is White Paper creation services. The Most Effective white papers are 5-10 pages plus the cover, but so many companies are still using shorter ones. Get ahead of the competition by making sure your white papers give your prospect ALL the information he needs to understand you’re the one who can solve his problems.

The types of white papers I do fall into many categories, including:

  • Evaluator’s Guides
  • Product Briefings
  • List-Based Articles
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Special Reports
  • Executive Briefings
  • Market Overviews

And on, and on…

In addition to the white papers, I can write any supporting copy you need to promote that material.

  • Email promotions
  • Articles and Blog Posts
  • Landing Pages
  • Case Studies (for use within the white paper and for your website)
  • Promotional Tweets
  • Press Release
  • Infographics

I’m also available for larger projects up to 100 pages, such as ebooks. These are priced in a wider range, depending on what the ebook needs. Sometimes my availability is limited when my schedule is full during the busy seasons, but I will work hard to fit your extra large project needs in as soon as I can.

If you need a freelance copywriter with the professional skills to get you the edge on the competition, let’s talk.

Email me today to set up a project meeting

Your Ghostwriter Diana Cacy

I’m here to help you create content. Great content boosts SEO, promotes quality traffic, and generates sales/leads.

With me as your content writer you’ll get:

  • Original content researched specifically for your needs
  • Carefully thought out headlines and subheadlines
  • Content that engages your readers, whether it’s just to inform or to guide them to take the next step
  • Additional notes for your graphics artist so he/she can see where my thoughts lay as I wrote your piece
  • Whether you need articles, blog posts, or even full reports and books ghost written, I’m here to help you become established as the go to business in your field.

I’ll help you and your staff stop wasting time in your already busy schedule writing all your own content. When you hire a specially trained content writer like myself, you’ll save not only time, but money in the long run.

Content writing is more than just slapping words on the page and then hitting enter. It’s using quality research to craft original content that both Google and your readers will love. It’s writing that engages your reader, and it’s writing that inspires your reader. It’s writing that inspires your reader to take action. The action YOU need them to take, whether it’s as simple as trusting you or as active as directing them to your sales page and getting that sale.

Articles: I write 1000-2000 word articles for websites or trade magazines.

Blog Posts: I write 600 word and 1000 word blog posts. A typical blog post series will take seven 600 word posts, and I will give a break on the price for both blog posts series or a combo pack of blog posts series and two tie-in articles.

Ebooks and Reports: My ebooks and reports vary from 3000 words on up.

Are you ready to make some great content yet?

If so, email me. Be sure to tell me everything you need and the goals you intend for your content. If you have content models or style guides you’d prefer I used, do send them along. Feel free to send me whatever deliverables you feel may help me write better for you. And if you would like more materials to go with the content you hire me for, I’ll be here to do that for you too.


Coffee Shops and Coffee Roasters

Enjoy more sales with marketing materials that connect to your prospects and make them trust you over the competition.

Coffee shops and independent coffee roasters are sprouting up all over. You need to be proactive and bring in those new customers.

You may brew a wonderful coffee and create fantastic coffee drinks. Your shop may have the most comfortable, inspirational, and relaxing atmosphere.

You may have the best tasting, highest quality roasted coffee beans.

That means nothing if you can’t get people to visit your shop and see for themselves.

You need quality marketing communications:

  • Brochures that show how your shop is unique and what it offers in plain speak.
  • Blog posts that inform, engage, and inspire your audience.
  • Social media posts that interact with your followers.
  • Website copy that your website visitors and Google will love.
  • and so on…

I can help you reach out and find those new customers. I can help you keep your current customers engaged and help make them into repeat customers.

Email me today for a project meeting and pick up those coffee sales.